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Mercer Island CrossFit ’s classes are fun and effective. Whether you’re in search of general health and fitness, or training for a specific sport, CrossFit is the most efficient way to improve strength, endurance, general fitness and body composition. We’ve got everything from the basics all the way to fine tuning the high-level stuff. Under the watchful eye of our coaching staff, you’ll be creating a powerful, capable body you never knew you could.
  • CrossFit Class (WOD)

    The backbone of the program is traditional CrossFit workouts, focusing on strength, conditioning, and mobility. These workouts combine gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning in varying degrees and durations to create unparalleled results. From the basic (but all-important) air squat all the way to the very technical muscle up and Olympic lifts, we utilize them all and make it workable for anyone at any level of fitness. We build strength, endurance, agility, technical ability, and general awareness of body and mind by training movements that support functional ability and translate to real life. And of course, there are the aesthetic benefits, too.

  • Essentials Program

    Our Essentials is our small group prep course dedicated to our newest members. It’s an informational and instructional program for anyone trying CrossFit for the first time. We slow down our usual pace to guide you through the basic movements and core stability exercises, get you familiarized with proper mechanics and technique, and get your body primed to join our group classes. Essentials is designed to ensure your success; we cover everything from our programming philosophy, proper exercise modifications and scaling and regulating individual intensity.

    It’s a great way to start your CrossFit journey and to get ramped up for our regular group classes. Essentials is 4 sessions spaced over the course of 2 weeks and is the perfect way to ease into a routine with Mercer Island CrossFit. Plus, come into any of our CrossFit classes for the next two weeks — included in the Essentials program package!

    **The Essentials Program is required for all beginners to CrossFit before attending the CrossFit WOD classes full time. **

  • Open Gym

    Miss a workout, looking to work some skills, or schedule too hectic to make regular classes? Open gym gives you the flexibility to get your workouts in, your way.

  • Endurance

    Our Endurance class is a 60-minute CrossFit Endurance Program based class designed to prepare all levels of athletes to improve their cardiovascular endurance. This class provides excellent running, rowing, and biking instruction combined with body weight and lifting movements to build lean muscle mass, and teach superior efficiency in movement cycle to create fast, durable, long-lasting athletes.

  • Mobility

    Looking for more stretching, mobility and time to work out all those kinks in your body? This is the class for you. 1 hour in length and led by a CF Coach. This class includes some familiar mobility techniques that we do in CrossFit along with some yoga poses and new movements. The new movements are focused on facilitating communication between your nervous system and muscles, resulting in improved coordination, body position awareness, posture and of course mobility.

  • Barbell Club

    Our Barbell Club classes aim to improve the classic Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. Our programming follows set cycles ranging from the introductory level to more advanced cycles prepping lifters for WODs or competition. Our Olympic Weightlifting classes are great whether you are looking to improve your technique, proficiency, and strength, or wanting to pursue Olympic Weightlifting as a sport. We have found that the most successful CrossFit athletes have built a strong technical foundation in the two Olympic lifts.

  • Suck-It-Up Saturdays

    Our higher-volume Saturday workout is designed for the advanced athlete but is open to all. The coaches will assist you to modify it how you see fit for the day; these sessions are intended to be more fun than taxing.

    Want to make it a partner WOD? Perfect. Want to gut your way through it (appropriately modified, of course)? Great! Come in and spend a fun Saturday with your friends.

  • CrossFit Kids

    Our CrossFit Kids program is designed for kids ages 6-10, focusing on instilling an appreciation for being active. We take basic movements that kids naturally enjoy doing, like pushing, pulling, jumping and running, and create workouts that seem more like fun games! This program also encourages a community based on mutual respect and encouragement, building self-confidence and an appreciation for relationships. Our Kids classes are 45-minute sessions. Get more information on our Kids Class here.

  • CrossFit Teens

    Our CrossFit Teens program is designed for youths 11 years old and up, focusing on developing overall athleticism and proper movement mechanics. Teens are taught to move well now so that they continue to move well (and prevent injuries) as they continue into adulthood. CrossFit Teens is appropriate for students looking for a strength and conditioning program to supplement their main high school sport as well as those using CrossFit as their sport of choice.


    • $329
    • $180 for a 10 class punch card
  • Personal Training

    Our personal training sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or an experienced athlete looking to become a more well-rounded athlete with specialized, individual training. Sign up for our personal training sessions where one of our world-class coaches will work with you to help define your goals, develop a specific program and be your personal guide.

    • 8x Per Month

      $150 per Month

      • Includes Access to:
      • Crossfit Classes
      • Specialty Classes
      • and Much More!
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    • 12x Per Month

      $175 per Month

      • Includes Access to:
      • Crossfit Classes
      • Specialty Classes
      • and Much More!
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    • Unlimited

      $199 per Month

      • Unlimited Access to:
      • Crossfit Classes
      • Specialty Classes
      • and Much More!
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