what doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you

We’re redefining fitness on Mercer Island.

For many, achieving their fitness can seem daunting or a nearly impossible feat. And for some who have been in the gym for years or competing in marathons and triathlons, your current training program might have become routine.

Mercer Island CrossFit is changing that.

CrossFit is by design is “broad, general, and inclusive.” That’s been our definition of fitness since day one. When we opened our doors in 2010, our aim was and always will be to introduce a workout regimen that will actually help you FINALLY meet your goals.

Our workouts are challenging for the newbie and the lifelong athlete alike, and we ensure that they’re also appropriately tailored to each individual’s unique needs and abilities. Each workout is thoughtfully designed so that it can be easily modified by our knowledgeable coaches right on the spot for each ability level. We know how to get you to the limits of your abilities -- that place where positive change happens. If you are in a workout program that doesn't challenge you... it won't change you!

Find out how we create fitness that gets results and can be tailored to all ability levels - and experience it for yourself.

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

Join Mercer Island’s fittest community.


With parking and a shower facility on site, Mercer Island CrossFit makes fitness convenient! Clean and well kept, MI CrossFit has created a space that’s open and inviting. We have a wide variety of quality equipment do allow an infinite number of workouts. This includes everything from the best weightlifting bars and plates to rowers, air bikes, pull-up rig, ropes rings and so much more. The gym is laid out in a way that is open and spacious so there is plenty of space to spread out during the workouts.

  • Because of my time at MI CrossFit the transition [to fatherhood] has been better – I sleep better (though maybe not as much), I have more energy, and I am able to focus better at work. Both my coworkers and basketball buddies all commented that I gained energy and coped remarkably well with the change (I haven’t told the basketball group my secret; I like the advantage).

    John C.

  • I have been doing CrossFit twice a week for the last five months. My cycling and running have improved without sustaining any major injuries. At my age, I tend to lose fitness faster and take longer get it back after a layoff. I can’t stop now. I love it.

    Marv M.

  • I went for a sneak peak and coach Corey was very welcoming and took the time to introduce me to the concept of CrossFit. I would rank my decision as one of the best I have made! Going 2-3 times a week has totally changed my physicality. My body has totally transformed, with muscle groups dormant for years, being active again.

    Guy B.