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#2484 – Spartan Race

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Tuesday 12/6/16

Spartan Race Info

Its time to Spartan Up! Coming up in April, Brian, myself and several other from MI CrossFit are going to run in the Spartan Super on Saturday the 22nd. The Super is 8-10 miles with 25 obstacles and we are registered under the name “mercer island dream team”, at the 9-10 time slot.

If that sounds like too much, the Sprint is 3-5 miles with about 20 obstacles and is Sunday the 23rd.

Its time to get OUT of the gym and USE your fitness!

3 Rounds – Not for time
8-10 Strict Handstand Push ups
6-10 Strict Pull ups
10-12 Heavy KB Swings

(scaled HSPU =  box push ups or seated press)

Note: the focus here is building strength in movements we do often and always do quickly and with “kipping”. So, this is time to actually get stronger at them so they will be easier down the road.

Warning: Be careful on the box jumps! Your legs will be very fatigued, more than you might realize, from the thrusters. Yes, you can step up OR you can get a shorter than normal box or just use the soft boxes. They are wide enough you can have two people on them at the same time.


3 Rounds
18 Thrusters95/65#
12 Box Jumps 24/20″

3 Rounds
15 Thrusters 65/45#
12 Step Ups 16/12″