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#2485 – No TV Challenge

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Wednesday 12/7/16

60 Minute Challenge

Spot on, who is going to take this challenge?!?!

courtesy Pat Sherwood


If you watch more than an hour of television each day I have a challenge for you.

Remove 60 minutes of tv watching from your life and fill it with that thing you want to do but never feel there is enough time for… reading a book, learning a new language , taking an online course, going for a walk with your family, etc.

If you can stick to that for 90 days I bet your life will be better.

Back Squats – use more than 11/25/16
(approx 65% of 1RM)

2 Rounds

rest 3 minutes
*30 seconds rest between the sets of 5


10 Rounds
30 Seconds max Burpees
30 Seconds rest
30 Seconds max DB thrusters 45/30#

7 Rounds
20 Seconds max Burpees
40 Seconds rest
20 Seconds max thrusters 20/15#
40 Seconds rest