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#2487 – the Atlas Club is Coming

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Friday 12/9/16

the Atlas Club

Starting in January we are going to introduce a new program called the Atlas Club. It is a weekly Strongman WOD to help you build strength and have fun lifting heavy sh*#!

In the mean time, check out the Barbell Shrugged episode #226 on how STRONGMAN WODs can help your strength and functional fitness.

How To Use Strongman Exercises to Build Functional Strength – Barbell Shrugged

Want to build functional strength with strongman exercises but don’t know where to start? Our new Strongman Program will add strongman-style exercises to your current training so you can increase your strength, improve core stability, most importantly, get jacked-er 🙂


Programming Note:
CrossFit workouts come in all shapes and sizes. Learning to lift “odd objects” is perfect to prepare you for real life where things are not as perfect as a nice even barbell. Today should be challening and FUN. Remember back to when you first started CrossFit and everything was new, for many of you this will the first time doing some of these movemets, have some fun today! If you like the WOD, sign up for the Atlas Club starting in January.

Strongman  WOD

10 D-ball Ground to Shoulder – AHAP
4 x 50′ Sled Push 180/110#
8 Axle Bar Hang Clean & Jerk – AHAP
4 x 50′ Farmer Carry 70/53#

*AHAP = As heavy as possible