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#2550 – the Turkish Get Up

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Wednesday 2/8/17

Turkish Get Ups

Today we are going to go over the TGU slowly, going through each step with NO weight, just working on the proper form and correct steps. Then you can start with a light weight Dumbbell or Kettlebell.

Once you feel good wight light weigh, go up to a weight that is challenging.
The KB is the preferred choice for this movement. Use a DB if you need to scale.

By Jeff Martone:
The Turkish get-up (TGU) is an outstanding exercise that develops strength, flexibility, and stability throughout the entire body. It has especially proven itself as an excellent prehabilitation and rehabilitation exercise for the shoulders. In addition, a mastered TGU will make all overhead exercises safer and easier.

First, it takes tenacity and commitment to conquer this feat of strength.
Second, it slowly yet steadily builds a solid foundation of strength that nearly “injury proofs” the body, making it ready for more demanding training.
Third, it significantly strengthens the major muscle groups, small stabilizing muscles, and connective tissues.


Turkish Get Up

start with no weight, just going through the motion, then add weight as long as able.
because we have not done these in over a year, take your time and get the form right.

Dumbbell Squat Cleans Thrusters 45/30#
Pull ups

15-10-5  – Thrusters 25/15#
15-12-8 – Pull ups or Ring Rows