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#2611 – Sleeping for Performance

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Wednesday 4/12/17

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If you want to workout 1-2 hours a day, you need 8 hours of sleep, non negotiable.  
– Coach Sean Pastuch

Sleeping for Performance

Are you RX’ing your workouts or even going 110% in your workouts but still feeling great? Coach Sean from the Active life talks sleeping for performance and why you should not be sacrificing your hours of sleep for more training.

source: Brute Strength


Overhead Squat 

temp: 3-2-x-0
(3 second down, 2 second hold, explode up, no rest at top)

4 Rounds

25′ Walking Lunges farmers carry 53/35#
40 Double Unders
25′ Walking Lunges farmers carry 53/35#
10 Burpees