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#2641 – CNN Story on CF

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Friday 5/12/17

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Here is a good article you can share with that someone who isn’t sure about coming in to try CrossFit.
Source: CNN

How to talk to someone who does CrossFit, if you really must

Right now you surely know someone who does CrossFit. Whether it be your husband, wife, brother, sister, parent, coworker, friend, or acquaintance, you definitely know someone.
And that person talks about it. A lot.

Too much? Definitely too much. And now you’re reading about it? It’s all too much.

The first thing to understand is that by signing up for CrossFit, your friend has made a costly and heavily time consuming commitment towards positive improvements, and with that comes a real sense of achievement. That alone should make you happy too, right? That’s how it works.
The second, and perhaps most important thing to understand is that they are learning new things on a near-daily basis. CrossFit is highly technical, using many gymnastic and Olympic weightlifting techniques which very few people will have ever done before.
While injuries are always possible, CrossFit’s obsession with safety borders on the tedious. Most gyms require several weeks of beginner classes, teaching you how to safely pick things up, jump on things and carry things before you’re ever let loose on a class.

Once you have graduated from your starter course, you’ll find yourself repeatedly practicing moves with weightless pipes or empty bars before ever attempting to lift heavy weights.

Watch the video and read on HERE

Warm up & Game
Spike Ball 


Wallballs 20/14#
Box Jumps 24/20″
Post WOD
Decending Weight Sled Push

Divide the class in to guys and girls and place 4 – 45# on the sled for guys, 4 – 25#s for girls.

 Each member pushes the sled 50′ down and 50′ back, then the next person goes. After each person has pushed, drop 1 plate and go again, repeat until each person has pushed the sled including the empty sled (5 pushes total).