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#2646 – Survival of the Fittest

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Wednesday 5/17/17

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Survival of the Fittest

After more than five months, doctors still don’t know why Katie Sheehan suffered a sudden heart attack.

What they do know, however, is the 37-year-old wouldn’t have survived had it not been for CrossFit.

Sheehan had been training at White Mountain CrossFit in Concord, New Hampshire, for almost exactly one year. She came to the 4-p.m. class on Sept. 8, 2016, just like any other Thursday. After six 25-meter sled pushes, she hopped on the rower with the rest of the class to begin a long workout that started with 750 meters on the erg. On either side of her were a police officer and a National Guard recruiter, both of whom had served in the military.

Athletes were roughly one minute into the workout. No one was “going super crazy hard,” noted Ian Butman, the coach leading class that day.

That’s when the two men flanking Sheehan started yelling at Butman.
“I looked over and she was seizing. She was purple, and she started seizing on the rower.”

Sheehan fell off the machine with her feet still strapped in.

“I immediately went over and held her head,” Butman recounted. “I thought she had a seizure disorder I didn’t know about.”

Sheehan stopped breathing. She had no pulse. Butman and Cahan started CPR. After a couple of minutes, a deputy fire chief with the Concord Fire Department—who just happened to be out on the road when he heard the 911 call—stopped at the gym with an automated external defibrillator (AED).

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Source: CF Journal

Strength – Post WOD

5 x 8

This is more reps than we usually shoot for, make sure to use a load that is challenging but that you can complete 8 reps with good form. No arching the back.

Programming Note:
Aim to hold a pace ~5 seconds slower than your 500m pace.
The goal is to be consistent through all 3 rounds. Try not to drop more than 5-8 seconds on each set.
Try to pick a pace, 1:50 for example and hold that for the whole 1000m. The next  round try to keep that same pace as long as possible.
This WOD might be as much if not more mentally challenging as it is physically. Row strong, you can do this.

1000m Row

rest 6 minutes

3 Rounds
600m Row

Coaches scores