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#2675 – 6 Week Oly Program

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Thursday 6/15/17

Sign in for class on Pike13 (formerly Front Desk)

6 Week Olympic Lifting Program

Thursdays 5-6pm, 6 week program $99, starts June 22nd

Coach Kristian is leading another 6 week Olympic Lifting Class and will cover the Clean, Jerk & Snatch.

This new 6 week series is open to all ability levels. She will meet you at your current ability level and help you to develop technical proficiency and build strength. You do not have to be able to attend every week to sign up, if you miss a week, that is no problem.

The class is $99 and is limited to 12 people.

Here is the video with more info from the last session (same info, new dates/6 week program)
Start: June 22nd for 6 weeks
Time: Thursdays 5-6 pm
Price: $99
Who: Any ability level
Sign up  HERE on Front Desk (now Pike13)

Today is a strength focused day. We will do the WOD first, that will ensure you are plenty warmed up for the lifting. We dont usually do the strength post WOD, so it will tax your body in a different way, but some times its good to train in a different order than your body is use to.

Calorie Row

Back Squats
5 x 5
starts at 65%, add each set

2 set of 3 @ 75%-80%