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#2723 – CF Games Start Today!

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Thursday 8/3/17

Run, Swim, Run

The CF Games kicks off today with a 1.5 mile run, 500m swim and then another 1.5mi run.

And for some non-CrossFit fun, check out Ro & Boz drinking through Madion.

Madison Bar Tour:

In this video, CrossFit Games host Rory McKernan journeys through Madison, Wisconsin, to find the best local brews, bites and bars, selflessly sacrificing his fitness to help you have fun on the road.

Skill & Conditioning 
4 Rounds

200m Sprint
2:00 rest

max effort

Programming Note: This WOD with these reps might take you a full minute (or more) to complete. If this happens, finish the set you are on, rest the remainder of the minute and skip the movement and go on to the next at the top of the next minute.
If this starts to happen too often, drop the reps to something more manageable. The goal is to move fast and hard for 40-45 seconds and then get 15-20 seconds rest time.

EMOM x 18 (6 Rounds)

Minute 1 – 1 round of Cindy
Minute 2 – 10 Toes to  Bar + 20 Double Unders
Minute 3 – 20 DB Snatches  45/30#

Minute 1 – 5 Ring Row + 7 Push Ups + 10 Squats
Minute 2 – 12 Sit ups + 20 Single Skips
Minute 3 – 12 DB Snatch 25/15#