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#2726 – CF Games Winners

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Monday 8/7/17


Mat Fraser joins the ranks of repeat CrossFit Games winners as he amassed a greater lead than anyone ever has for a second consecutive year. Among the women, two-time second-place finisher Tia-Clair Toomey survived five lead changes to finally become champion.


As the final day of competition began, Fraser started with a 176-point lead over second place. By the time the men stepped onto the competition floor for Fibonacci Final, Mat had 210 points on two-time Games competitor Brent Fikowski. Fraser ended his fourth Games with four event wins: Triple G Chipper, Muscle-Up Clean Ladder, Heavy 17.5 and 2223 Intervals.

By the time the two women got to the final event—with a time cap of 6 minutes—it came down to the double kettlebell overhead lunge. As Toomey took her final lunge, she couldn’t keep the kettlebells overhead; the judge asked her to take a few steps back and repeat the lunge. In the meantime, Webb caught up. The two women appeared to step onto the podium at nearly the same time. Toomey lost by nearly two-tenths of a second.

In the end, Toomey was the overall victor by 2 points.

Read the full story HERE. 


Spend 15:00 warming up on the Snatch

Start with power snatch, power snatch + Overhead squat and then Snatch (that means full squat).
The WOD “RX” is for full Snatch

Girl WOD Monday.

If you watched the CF Games you would have seen them do this workout. And while I wish I could say I copied Dave Castro, I guess good minds just think alike.  That said, we are doing the regular version, NOT the 2017 CF games reps.

Ok, so… crew, we are down to the last few girls and this one is a tough WOD in every way. First, it requires muscle ups, so use what we learned last week to find a properly scaled option for your current ability level.
It also requires a heavy snatch (full squat), which is very difficult for most people.
First, start with scaling the weight, then the next option would be to scale the range of motion to snatch + overhead squat. Last would be to do power snatch instead of full snatch. Find a version of this workout that is challenging to you.

Muscle ups
Snatch 135/95#

Band assisted ring or bar muscle ups

Ring Rows with jump through

strict ring row (no jump through)