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Erin & Joan

#2779 – Congrats Erin

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Tuesday 10/3/17

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

— Muhammad Ali

Erin & Joan on syncronized pull ups – 45 reps!

Congrats to Erin on Pullups!

Erin and Joan signed up to do CF the Team Series. When the WOD announcement came out and Erin learned she had to do synchronized pull ups she was disappointed knowing she could only do 1-2 regular pullups.

Well, 45 pull ups later, she had set a huge PR not only doing all the reps but finishing in only 12:00!

Congrats Erin! Taking on new challenges, PRs and getting out of your comfort zone.

Please take a moment to read the programming notes for today’s WODs, they might be helpful as you are trying to plan how to attack today’s workouts.

100 Back Squats

You choose the weight
any sets & reps ar:00 time cap.

I use 135# and did 10 reps every mine fine

This is not for time, but there is a 15ute for 10 rounds

less than 6 months – 50 back squats
6 months to 1 year – 75 back squats

Programming Note:
We have not been on a dedicated strength program for a while now and I have never asked you to do 100 weighted back squat. So a be smart, use a weight you know you can complete 100 reps in a timely fashion. With is high volume, even low weight will probably do the job and you’ll be feeling it the next day. This is a different kind of strength than doing 5 sets of 5 heavy squats. So its ok to ease into this workout.

Programming Note: 
You should be done with the burpees with more than 1 minute to work on the push press, especially in the first round. If not, scale the reps so you have some time on the barbell.
Also, use a push press weight that you can move in atleast sets of 5 reps, if its so heavy you have to push jerk it, or you can only do 2-4 reps, its too heavy!


4 Rounds
20/16 cal row
10 Bar facing Burpees
max reps Push Press (NO Jerks) 95/65#

Corey: 21, 16, 15, 15 RX

WOD Courtsey Comptrain