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Tony and Daniel Partner WOD Deadlifts

#2786 – Tuesday 10/10

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Tuesday 10/10/17

“It’s not about what you are capable of, but what you’re willing to do”

— Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach

Strict DB Press
5 sets of 8 – AHAP

DB Push Press

3 sets of 8 – AHAP

Programming Notes: 
We don’t do a lot of lateral movements on a regular basis. Today the bar burpees are to be done parallel to the bar. We are also going to jump over the bar twice to get 1 rep.

Also, If you normally use less than 95/65# for the workouts, and you see that today is lighter than normal, that means that folks who usually use 95/65 are going light – so they can go fast. You should still scale the weight to 55, 60, or 65# (guys) so that you can also move the barbell quickly and with little to no rest. This should be a very fast workout. Sub 10 for the fastest, 10-12 mins for most everyone if scaled appropriately.

3 Rounds

30 Front Rack Lunge Steps* 75/55#
15 DB Snatch (per arm) 35/20#
10 **Double Jump Lateral Bar Burpees (parallel to the bar)

*Feel free to alternate between lunge steps and reverse lunge steps

**Double Jump Lateral Burpee =
Do the normal burpee then jump over the bar, then jump back over the bar. You should be parallel to the bar the whole time.

Corey – 9:37 RX