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#2787 – World’s Most Vexing Problem

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Wednesday 10/11/17

Fall Kick off & New Member Welcome Party

Friday Oct. 20th at 6pm we are going to be having our Fall Kick Off Party to welcome all of our new members to the MICF community!
New(ish) members, come out and meet some more of the folks from the gym and get to know your “suffer buddies”.
Long time members, come help us welcome the newer members and catch up with everyone from classes.
If you are looking for a workout – we will kick off the night with a light & fun partner workout. Then its time to party. Bring something, food or drinks, to share and of course kids & the whole family!
Coach Connor will be heading up the event – so if you have any questions give us a shout!
Check it out on FB HERE

The World’s Most Vexing Problem

CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman speaks to Level 1 participants on Sept. 3, 2017, in Aromas, California.

“We sit collectively in unique possession of an elegant solution to the world’s most vexing problem. And it may be so elegant that it’s optimal,” Glassman says.

Skill Work

10 minutes to work on Muscle up Technique, band assisted muscle ups, dips and pull ups

Hand stand push up prep & modification set up

Build up to heavy KB swings

Hero WOD Wednesday is Back!


2 Muscle Ups
4 Hand Stand Push Ups
8 KB Swings 70/53#

4 Pull ups + 4 Dips or 4 band assisted muscle ups
6 Deficit Push-ups
8 KB Swings 35/26#