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#2813 – 94-Year-Old Embraces CrossFit, Healthy Living

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Monday 11/6/17

For those of you who have friends or family who think CrossFit is too hard, too dangerous or that they are too old, share this with them!

CrossFit & Healthy Living at 94

Ninety-four-year-old George Evans of South Wales, U.K., has been active his entire life. Orphaned at 12, he took up dance at 14, worked as a locomotive fireman during World War II and was an avid swimmer.

There’s nothing … that I really can’t do physically,” he says. He is also extremely mindful of his nutrition, abstaining from all sugar.

At the urging of a neighbor, Evans visited Reebok CrossFit 365 in Skewen, South Wales, at the age of 92. Since then, he’s come into the box every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Evans always starts off with 300 meters on the rower, then proceeds to lift weights or tackle any other movements his coach, Sophie McLean, recommends.

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Skill – NFT

Turkish Get Ups

Spend 15 minutes working on proper form and technique for Turkish Get ups.


Compare to 10/21/16


Clean & Jerks 95/65#

10 Wallballs after each set

We have done this workout before but with 135/95#, so it should be pretty fast compared to the last time you did it. OR if its your first time doing this one, it should be done with a weight you can move quickly. If you normally can’t use 135/95#, pick something lighter than 95/65#.

Clean & Jerk 75/45#
8 Wallballs after each set