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#2820 – Good Bye Party

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Monday 11/13/17

Coach K’s Party

Once again, congrats to Kristina and good luck as a MI Police officer!
Last night I heard several requests for rides in the patrol car (front seat of course) and selfies in the jail cell. So we are all looking forward to getting some of the perks that go along with having a friend who is a police officer!

Skill & Conditioning 

EMOM x 12
Even: Row 10/8 Calories
Odd: 10 Hand Stand Push Ups*

10 HSPU’s is a lot, if you can not complete all the reps in 1 minute, just scale to a number you know you can complete each round.

*Mod = Box Push ups or seated DB Press

5 Rounds

30 Double Unders
20 Push Ups
15 KB Swings 70/53#