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#3116- CF Games Clarification

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Wednesday 9/12/18

Glassman Interview

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest CF gossip, the CF Games are changing. Greg Glassman announced a couple weeks ago that Regionals will be going away and The Open will be moved to October starting in 2019. There was very little specifics given on the matter and now Greg has announced a few more details to key us in.

Listen to his interview with Joy and Claire from Girls Gone WOD Podcast HERE.

Coaching 10:00
set up 8:00

Saved by the barbell
3 rounds – max reps in 1:00
Wallballs 20/14#
Deadlift 115/75#
medball sit ups 20/14#
Hang Power clean 115/75#
rest 1:00
WOD = 18:00

Post WOD – cool down
5:00 – run, row, ski, bike