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#3138-28 Day Nutrition Challenge

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Friday 10/5/18


Want to get your nutrition in check before the holidays? Learn how to eat right and well BEFORE the holidays? Us too! We are launching our new Nutrition Coaching Program and want to kick it off with a 28 day Challenge! How is this different than the other challenges? Well, you are in charge of what you eat, I am in charge of how much you eat!

During the Challenge you will get access to ongoing nutrition coaching, biometric testing (weight, measurements and body fat), meal plans and shopping lists, food logging through My Fitness Pal and access to the Healthy Steps Nutrition App for ongoing logging of goals, progress and communication with other group members.

If you want to lose weight, increase performance or just want to maintain and feel better, this challenge is for you!

When: Challenge starts Oct 22 and is limited to 15 people! Challenge Kick off Seminar is Friday 10/19 at 6pm!
How:  $85- Register with the link below
What else: Prizes for the winner! 2 Weeks of meals from NW Fit Meals!

HSN 28 Day Challenge Registration


Max Squat Clean Thrusters 135/95

2:00 Rest


*I go/You go style
*Each Partner must complete a minimum of 5 reps before switching
*Athletes may use separate bars and separate weights