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Friday 10/12/18

Nutrition Challenge

What if I can’t make the Seminar on Friday?
No problem, I can take your measurements and biometrics anytime before it starts and will email out the content you will miss. For those in the Challenge, the intro Seminar is Friday 10/19 at 6pm.

Can I do the challenge if I don’t want to lose weight? 
Yes! The meal plans are a scale ranging from weight loss to maintaining performance. We are simply working on educating YOU on how to eat for your lifestyle.

What kind of things are we allowed to eat? 
Anything you want, as long as you log it! This is not an elimination challenge, well, it can be if you want. This is a challenge to get you into the habit of eating well for what fits your lifestyle and feeling the best you can.  We are focusing on eating whole foods, meal prep, logging food, water intake and sleep. It’s a whole lifestyle challenge.

What if I just want customized meal plans and ongoing Nutrition Coaching?
Great! This challenge will be the perfect introduction into meal planning, logging food, and practicing healthy eating habits with a ton of others too! The Challenge will act as Phase 1 of Nutrition coaching before moving onto Phase 2 as an add on to membership.

Can my friend, spouse, kids do it?
Yep! This is open to anyone, they don’t have to be a member. The more the merrier.

What does the winner get?
2 Weeks of Meals from NW FitMeals!
The winner will be the person that loses the most percentage of weight and body fat, tracks their food, water and sleep and engages in the challenge with everyone.

Registration ends Monday 10/15.
For those in the Challenge save the date for the Kick off Seminar Friday 10/19, 6pm!

“Chore WOD”
50 glute bridges
40 supermans
30 ab-mat sit ups
20 hollow rocks


15  C&J #135/95
15 burpees over bar
10 C&J #155/115
15 burpees over bar
5 C&J #175/125
15 burpees over bar

*20:00 time cap