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#3211 – Open Prep Begins Today

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Friday 1/4/19

The CrossFit Open

The Capacity Test is a great way to measure improvement because it has several components; cardio (rowing), body weight (pull ups) and strength (back squats & push press).
We will test these movements today and then spent the next six weeks working on the things we are most likely to see in the Open. Then we will re-test these to measure your improvement.

Open Prep is just more CrossFit, but with an emphasis on the specific things we are most likely to see in the Open! Open Kicks off February 22nd!

WOD Prep
Build in weight

Back Squat

Push Press

Pull up Prep

“Capacity Test”
max reps/calories at each station
1:00 rest between movements

4:00 Cal Row
3:00 Pull ups
2:00 Back Squat 135/95#
1:00 Push Press 95/65#

Post WOD cool down and accessory
3 x
12 Push Ups
20 Lunges (10/10)
30 second squat hold