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#3216 – Paying the Man

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Wednesday 1/9/19

What does it mean to “pay the man”? Josh uses this phrase to mean that you have to earn it every day.

Paying the Man With Josh Bridges | Ep.1

Find out what my life looks like outside of competing. Paying the Man episodes dropping weekly! You’ll get an inside look at what my life looks like on a daily basis. From my training regimen to how I make my coffee in the mornings, you’re going to see it all.

Technique & Strength
Overhead Squat

Work on Form and Rang of Motion
Then, build in weight to a heavy set of 5

Every Minute on the Minute for 6:00
3 Reps
heavy as able with good ROM



50/40 Cal Row
40 Wallballs 20/14#
30 Toes to Bar
20 Power Clean 135/95#
10 Muscle Ups
(20 pull ups)