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#3241 – Family February: Bensussen’s

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Monday 2/4/19

Family February

Welcome to Family February! This month we are highlighting the NUMEROUS kids and parents that are in our community and actively doing CF us! Some families just started and some have been with us from the very beginning.

As we all know MICF is all about community and family is the first community we are a part of. Check out the blog each day as well as Facebook to see which family is highlighted. Enjoy!

Shelley & Dani Bensussen

At 14 years old Dani started coming to the adult classes with her mom during her summer break, this was before we even had a Kids program! She has been consistent with her CF training and even went on to become an L1 coach. Shelley was our 2nd or 3rd client ever! She has been with us for 9 years and is a staple in the 9:30 class. Shelley is my PR director and assistant, always coming with a printout of the WOD, her numbers ready and plenty of questions! Here is what Shelley and Dani have to say about their CF experience:

MICF: What made you want to start doing CF? 
Shelley: My trainer at the SJCC was doing CF type workouts with me and he encouraged me to give it a try.

Dani: My mom used to bring me when she would do classes when I was probably in 7th or 8th grade and I eventually decided to give it a try myself and ended up really liking it. I started going a few times a week during seasons I wasn’t doing any sports and after high school I started going 5 or 6 times a week! 

MICF: How has doing CF changed your family life? 

Shelley: It has been great!  My daughter Dani saw me doing it when she was quite young and then she started before there was even a kids class and now she is CF certified.  I also got my daughter-in-law to do it and then also my two sons have tried it.  When we go out of town we are all able to work out together!

Dani: It definitely has given us something to connect on and is the topic of many of our conversations. It’s nice when we go on vacation and I can get my brother who doesn’t normally do CrossFit workouts to do them with me, it always destroys him!

MICF: What are some positive changes have you seen in each other as a result?
Shelley: We both get so many compliments from people on how we look.  So many young women and girls take one look at Dani and say “I want to do what she is doing!”  I am so proud to see Dani be so committed and excel in her Crossfit workouts. 

Dani: It’s something we both love to do so it’s nice to have an activity we can do together. My mom has definitely gotten stronger and been able to find something she enjoys doing outside of just running. It also has forced her to become more coordinated and flexible (believe it or not lol).

MICF: Favorite thing about doing CF together.
Shelley: Having Dani correct me like telling me to do a lower squat. LOL  Just being able to do something with my daughter that we both love.
Dani: Having something we can both do together. And just seeing each other improve on movements.

MICF: Each name your favorite CF movement.
Shelley: Can I change it to favorite WOD?  If so, that is Fran because it is Thrusters and Pull Ups (as long as I can do the kipping kind) and not too many of each.  I feel like Thrusters are a total body workout.
Dani: I enjoy the gymnastics parts of crossfit so probably hand stands and hand stand walks, but Squat Cleans are definitely my favorite lift.

MICF: What goals are you working on? Either together, or separately?
Shelley: Since I am officially a “Master” my goal is to maintain my one rep max or as close to it as possible and to increase my barbell weight at least a little bit for a WOD if possible  -and of course to work on my form.
Dani: I for sure need to be better about focusing more time on mobility and rolling out. I’m always working on my handstands, I want to be able to hold one for a minute. Finally just to improve my form on snatches…it’s a slow process but I’ve come a long way!  

Back Squat

Goal – perfect form for 10 reps
Get as heavy as able – but that is secondary to form, depth and quality
Start about 65% if you are not sure what weight to use


400m Row
30 Air Squats
25 Sit Ups
20 Alt DB Snatch 50/35#