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#3243 – Family February: The Evans

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Wednesday 2/6/19

Family February Continues with the Evans

Coach Allison: When I was going through photos trying to find some of Jeff and Katie working out, I couldn’t find one of just them, I found ones of Jeff and all 3 of his girls, at every event. Jeff has been bringing his daughters with him to our CF events for as long as I can remember. Nora, the oldest was still in elementary school and now is in Drivers Ed! Jeff is the nicest human being and always has a smile, a quick joke, loves his family and old Texas country music! Over the years the Evans have become like family to us as Jeff and Corey have done numerous GORUCK Challenges together, we’ve watched his girls grow up and he was one of the first Dr’s to see our ultrasound of Landrey. Now Jeff is bringing his middle daughter Katie 3x a week at 5am! I don’t know any other kiddo that gets up before school to come WOD with her dad, but Katie does. Katie has that kind of motivation, she knows what she wants and works for it. She asked for personal training to get better at lifting and when he hectic sports and school schedule allowed a little break, she was in the gym lifting.  Here is what Jeff & Katie have to say about their experience

Jeff & Katie Evans

MICF: What made you want to start doing CF? 
Jeff: I was looking for a more social form of exercise. 
Katie: I was interested in doing weightlifting to get stronger at soccer, although now I appreciate it as its own sport.

MICF: How has doing CF changed your family life? 
Jeff: I view CrossFit as a great way to maintain and prolong the quality of my life for me and my family. CrossFit keeps me grounded and sane. I always notice my mood is worse when I don’t make it at least three time per week. 

Katie: CrossFit has changed how my family perceives me. Instead of just being like my sisters I can say I have the grit to wake up early and lift heavy.

MICF: What are some positive changes have you seen in each other as a result? 

Jeff: I have seen Katie’s confidence grow and her strength increase. Our CrossFit community is helping me raise an amazing young woman.
Katie: My dad and I are both competitive so we both push each other to go more often and work harder. 

MICF: Favorite thing about doing CF together.
JeffI am so proud of Katie when I see her show real grit while smiling through a hard work out. I am proud of us both.

Katie: My favorite thing about doing CrossFit with my dad is waking up before him. CrossFit is something we both enjoy to do together.

MICF: Each name your favorite CF movement.
Jeff: Clean
Katie: Clean

MICF: What goals are you working on? Either together, or separately? 

JeffI am trying to stay healthy and engaged in the gym. Now in my 40’s I always have some joint that is bothering me. The coaches do a great job helping me modify and I am very appreciative. I hoping to rehab my shoulder to the point where I can kip again

Katie: Getting stronger and being able to pass the Army Candidate Fitness Assessment test.

Strength & WOD Prep
E2MOM x 8 (4x)

2-3 Clean & Jerks
building up to heavier than WOD weight

WOD Set up 


50 Wallballs
10 Clean & Jerk 135/95#
40 Pull ups
10 Clean & Jerk 135/95#
30 Handstand Push Ups
10 Clean & Jerk 135/95#