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#3245 – Family February: The Becker’s

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Friday 2/8/19

Family February Continues with the Becker’s

Coach Allison: Anna started working out with us 2 years ago after moving to MI from Tahoe and has had Caleigh joining her often in the Saturday morning Endurance classes. Caleigh started with watching her mom and then moved into making up her own fitness routines and joining in on some of the workouts herself. Caleigh joined the kid’s classes last year and has been working hard ever since. This year she was joined by her older sibling, Kate and Tommy who are in the teen class, and all I can say is this is one fit family. Everyone is amazingly hard workers, have a positive attitude and are extremely respectful and encouraging. We are so lucky to have them all as a part of our community! Here is what the Beckers had to say:

Family February: The Becker’s

Anna, Kate (14), Tommy (12) & Caleigh (8) Becker

MICF: What made you want to start doing CF?
Anna: I was looking for a new fitness challenge to complement biking, skiing and running. I stumbled on CF through work colleagues. When I moved to MI, I was excited to join a new box and community.
Kids: Trying something new, to have fun and exercise with friends, stay in shape during the winter season

MICF: How has doing CF changed your family life?
Anna: I’m excited to share something I love doing with my kids. It’s a new way for us to connect.
Kids: We all share a sport and can talk about what we’re doing.

MICF: What are some positive changes have you seen in each other as a result?
Anna: It’s really cool as a mom getting to see your kids work at getting better at something first hand. So much of their learning takes place at school, CF gives us a common challenge that we can pursue together.
Kids: Getting more active, enjoying doing something good for our bodies.

MICF: Favorite thing about doing CF together.
Anna: Getting more time together! I’m pretty busy with work most days, so CF gives us another opportunity to do things as a family.
Kids: Kate says, “Competing against my brother”   and to see improvements in ability and agility, to see the adults do it and learn

MICF: Each name your favorite CF movement.
Anna: power cleans
Kate: running distance
Tommy: jump rope
Caleigh: anything on the rings (gymnastics)

MICF: What goals are you working on? Either together, or separately?
Anna: pull-ups with no band
Kate: 20 double unders in a row
Tommy: deadlift form
Caleigh: jump rope

Additional Mobility

WOD Set up & Movement Prep

60/50 Cal Row
50 DB Thrusters
40 Box Jumps
30 Toes to Bar
20 Burpee Box Jump Overs
10 Bar Muscle Ups (Sub 15 C2B or 20 Pull ups)