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#3248 – Family Feb: The Clark’s

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Monday 2/11/19

Changing out PM to OPEN Gym 4-5:30 tonight
No classes, just open gym 4:00- 5:30.

Family February Continues with the Clark’s
Tony, Liz, Kelly (8) & Finley (6) Clarke

From Allison:  Tony started working out with us shortly after moving here. He already came with a good base knowledge of CF and was excited to get started. It took a while to convince Liz that this was not a meathead gym and she would enjoy it. Thanks to Friends and Family week, she tried her first class and is now a regular at the 9:30 class! Kelly joined the CF Kids class last year and has had a great time in classes, working hard on his body movement and social skills! Finley joined us this year and has kept her older brother in check, has the best burpees and loves to swing from the rings and pull up rig. This family shows such amazing support of one another, crazy energy and commitment to healthy, fitness and each other. We are so lucky to have them as part of the box.  Here is what Liz & Tony have to say:

MICF: What made you want to start doing CF? 
Tony: I started CrossFit after a realization that on my current pace of doing nothing and eating poorly I might not be around for my children to grow up.  I was weighing in at around 320 lbs. when I contact Corey and Allison about starting CrossFit.  I wanted to make a real change in the way I was living. 

Liz: Part of it was my husband’s persistent “encouragement”, and part of it was the interaction and encouragement of Susan Rodriquez and Joy Zorn.  They helped me get over my initial intimidation.

MICF: How has doing CF changed your family life? 
We feel that CrossFit has provided a new future for our family.  Meaning, we see a more active aging and enjoyable life with mobility and self-care.  Our kids are watching us and learning these habit, which is a huge motivator!  Tony has taken to CrossFit more with respect to learning and education, and an ownership of his development, programming, and pursuit of performance improvement; while Liz is much more comfortable with the daily routine and social aspects of the box.  We see great value in both of these approaches and enjoy bouncing back and forth between them.  Our kids are excited about classes and are learning healthy lessons that neither of us had learned at their age.

MICF: What are some positive changes have you seen in each other as a result? 

The obvious would be physical changes in our bodies.  Composition, body fat, muscle mass, and ability to do work and produce power.  All of these changes for the positive are exciting to see!  Additionally, our daily energy has been better, leading to a more positive daily outlook thru attitude and mood.  Not a magic pill by any stretch, but noticeably different none the less.  Tony has embarked on a more focused and dialed in nutrition effort in 2019 to compliment the work in the box, and this has only shown immediate and dramatic results in a short amount of time.

MICF: Favorite thing about doing CF together.

Tony: It has to be the internal challenge.  The daily measuring up to the bar and having a quantifiable result in which to record and save, and ultimately rebase against sometime down the road.  For me it is the constant focus on improvement and performance.

Liz: That the program is handled for me, complete with coaching and feedback.  Also, I love that it is constantly varied, and always interesting on a daily basis.

MICF: Each name your favorite CF movement. 

Tony: Anything Olympic lifting!  Like it so much I have to consciously remember not to over-bias on it over gymnastics or monostructural work.

Liz: Foam rolling and the Scorpion stretch (Haha!!), but seriously I think it would have to be back squats.

MICF: What goals are you working on? Either together, or separately? 

Tony: Solid nutrition and leaning out, to help support my weaknesses in my gymnastics and cardio engine.

Liz: I’m trying to become stronger and healthier in general.  I’m interested in what Tony is doing with nutrition, but not quite there yet.

Every 2:00 for 12:00 (6x)

1 power clean + 2 Jerks

Build over 6 sets to a heavy double

EMOM x 15

Min 1 – 12/8 calorie Assault Bike
Min 2 – 12 shoulder to overhead *
Min 3 – 12 Chest to Bar pull ups

*  Whatever load you can complete 12 reps in 20-30 seconds