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#3271 – Mobility March

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Wednesday 3/6/19

March Monthly Challenge: MOBILITY

We all need it, most of us don’t make it a priority because we don’t have time, don’t see the value, or simply don’t know what to do.

This month we are changing all that.

Each day for 15 minutes you will do mobility, it’s a challenge to see if you feel different, recover better, sleep better, etc. You can choose what you do, stretching, foam rolling, banded mobility, rolling out with a lacrosse ball, it’s up to you.

It’s up to you to do, but you’re not alone! 
Here are some excellent resources for knowing what to do for your mobility each day. Don’t just roll around randomly on a foam roller. Use these resources to learn and improve your knowledge and mobility. 

Mobility WOD – An OG of the CrossFit mobility world, Kelly Starrett has been teaching us how to become a Supple Leopard for a decade.

Want even less “work”, just join ROM WOD, they will do all the thinking for you. This is a coach led mobility session with hundreds of 15-30 minute sessions and new videos daily. It is a subscription, but this is what your coaches use.


Front Squat

Use ~50%  – for Quality
5 sets of 4

30 Second L-sit hold between sets


10 DB squats 35/20#
10 Sit ups

10 KB Swings 53/35#
8 Box Jumps 24/20″

10 Push ups – hand release
12 Russian twist 25/15#

Rest 3:00 between couplets