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#3291- Marcus’ Birthday WOD re-test

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Monday 3/25/19

Happy 1st B-day Marcus!

Last year Shelley won the contest to guess Marcus birth date, and so she got to make up his birthday workout. Today we’ll re-test that workout to see how you do!
(I did feel the need to change the 15 pull ups because we just did SO many on Friday in the Open 19.5)

Marcus born 3/12/18 at 00:22, and is 19″ and 6lbs 15 oz.
3  rounds – for March
12 Deadlifts – for the day
22 – sit ups – for the time of day
19 – wallballs – for his length
6 (600) – meter run – his weight
15 – pull ups – weight

Typically birthday workouts are the persons age for all the reps, but with a zero year old, you have to get kind of creative on how you make the workout and reps.

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Lats & Quads

WOD Set up
Practice reps of each movement
Build in weight to heavy Deadlift

Marcus B-day WOD
Compare to 3/24/18

3 Rounds

12 Deadlift 225/155#
22 Sit Ups
19 Wallballs 20/14#
600m Run
15 Lateral Bar Burpees (Changed from pull ups)