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#3292 – ROM WOD

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Tuesday 3/26/19


If you like the stretches we do today, I have learned them from doing my daily Mobility work and using ROM WOD to go through 12-20 minute daily mobility sessions.

It has been great to just login and be taken through a full mobility session with no thought on my end. I don’t have to know any movements, they will walk you through each one and tell you how to do it and when to move into the next pose.

Check it out, you can get a 7 day free trial to see if you like it!

Watch the Instagram video breakdown for today HERE


19.5 Therapy WOD

Air Squats
Ring Rows
DB Push Press- light

Note: for quality and range of motion, not time or load. This is a recovery – “move through good range of motion & get out the soreness” workout.

Post WOD Mobility 
(19.5 recovery part 2)

1:00 – Sphynx pose
2:00 Dragon / side
2:00 Saddle pose
1:00 Sphynx pose

use a medball to assist you as needed on Dragon (under the front leg)
Saddle (behind you, to lay on)

Workout of the Day

1,000m row
Row at 75-80% of max effort pace

rest 4:00

1,000m row
Row at 85-90% of max effort pace