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#3295 – End of the Open Party Tonight

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Friday 3/29/19

End of the Open Party Tonight

The 2019 Open is over and we want to celebrate all your hard work! If it was your first Open, you PR’d something, or came each week to participate, cheer, or judge, this party is for you!!

Come by the gym on Friday 3/29 for a PARTY! Bring the family, kids, friends, etc.

Wings and drinks will be provided by MICF, please bring a side dish to share.

RSVP on Facebook with what dish you will be bringing.
See you all Friday!

Core & Shoulder Holds
Accumulate 2:00 in the L-sit position

Accumulate 2:00 in the Hand Stand push up position

Accumulate 2:00 in an OHS hold (PVC pipe)

WOD Prep

Build in weight
Front Squat
Push Press/ Jerk

Programming Note:
Scale reps or load to finish between 3:30-4:15 so you have at least 45 seconds rest on the first round.
Keeping in mind, you will probably slow down each round and you will want some rest time to maintain intensity and to just be able to keep moving for 4 rounds.

Every 5:00 for 20:00 (4x)

400m Run
12 Front Squats 95/65#
15 Push Press/Push Jerk 95/65#
18 Box Jump Overs 24/20″