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#3311 – CrossFit Kids Summer Camp

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Monday 4/15/19

CrossFit Kids Summer Camp

Let us wear your kids out for you this summer! Our CrossFIt Kids camp is back by popular demand!

Camp registration is open NOW on Pike 13, send your kids and their friends to us for an afternoon doing WOD’s, building social skills, learning about nutrition and having fun!
When: August 5-9, 1-4pm
Who: Kids entering grades 2nd-5th, all ability levels are welcome.
Register on Pike 13. $235  Early registration discount ends May 15th

WOD Prep 15:00
build to working weight for all lifts

This video took a turn and went long. If you want JUST todays WOD, skip to the 1:40 mark!!

Programming Notes:
If you can’t do the Clean & Jerks and Snatch at the same weight, using 2 bars is ok. The Thruster can be done with either the heavier or lighter barbell. The weight should be “heavy” but what is heavy for a C&J might be impossible for a Snatch. Or what is ok for a snatch might be too easy for a C&J.

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds

5 Clean & Jerk
4 Hand Stand Push Ups
3 P. Snatch
2 Muscle up
1 Thruster

rest 1:00

RX 135/95; two bars ok