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#3336 – Thursday 5/9

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Thursday 5/9/19

Murph Prep

Worried about the workout Murph? Never done it? Done it, but still need to prep for it… this is for you.

Prep WOD #1  (this can also be the way you do the WOD on Memorial Day if you are new to CF or its your 1st Murph)

400m Run
5 Rounds of
5 Pull ups (or ring row)
10 Push Ups
15 squats
400m run
Get this done this week! I will have version #2 for you next week.

WOD Breakdown Thursday 5/9/19

Push Press

Push Jerk

20:00 time cap

Workout of the Day

200m run
21 toes to bar
15 Push Jerk 115/75#

200m run
15toes to bar
12 Push Jerk 115/75#

200m run
12 toes to bar
9 Push Jerk 115/75#