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#3349 – Wednesday 5/22

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Wednesday 5/22/19

Murph Monday 5/27
Open Gym Only Memorial Day
Come in any time 10-2pm with BBQ, beers & games post WOD

WOD Breakdown

Here is your breakdown for Wednesday 5/22

General Warm up
Partner 40 cal bike or row

into 3 Rounds with Dumbbell of:

Single arm high pull
Single arm press
50′ OH Walk
*repeat with other arm to complete round

Specific Warm Up
3 Rounds

10 DB Strict press
10 DB Push Press pause at top
10 Alternating Groiners
10 glute bridge
10 Up-downs

WOD Prep 
build in weight to workout loading
work on:
Dip + Drive


100 Push Press 135/95#

10 Up-Downs each rest/break
*Up-Down= burpee with no push up, no jump