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#3418 – Mt Rainier Success

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Tuesday 7/30/19

Mt Rainier Summit – Congrats

Jeff E. Beth S. Ben V. Coach Allison, Bill M

A huge Congrats to our members who summited Mt Rainier over the weekend! This is a great accomplishment and it did not come easy.

All of this crew put in a huge amount of time training, early mornings, on the weekend, in the cold and rain in groups and alone to prepare themselves to succeed in their goal. And they ALL did!

Lesson Learned
I learned a very valuable lesson on the mountain this weekend and I wanted to share it with you all. I found it to be an amazing analogy for our lives and our own personal challenges and mountains.

When we left base camp – Camp Muir, at 1 am, the only thing we could see was what the light from our headlamp showed us, which was about 10-12 feet straight ahead. We climbed and climbed, one step at a time, not being able to see the route, the mountain, or anything other than the next step we needed to take.

Eventually, the sun rose and we summited the mountain. It was then that we started to head back down by the light of day, we could see the route, miles and miles of it. The extremely steep terrain, the dangerous rockfall areas (the “bowling alley”), the even more dangerous crevasses that are thousands of feet deep, the overhanging snow and ice and the sheer size of the challenge we had just faced.

Sitting there, looking at the vast distance back down, speculated how, if the trip started in the light of day, rather than the night, so many more people would never even attempt the climb or given up only partway. It looks too hard, its too far to go, too dangerous. But when you just focus on one step at a time, not looking around, not looking to jump to the top in one step, but just doing what you can, one little step by one little step, it becomes doable, it is manageable and you become successful.

It’s perfect. Our goals and challenges in life are rarely able to be accomplished in one easy step. They can be very big and scary and they will definitely take a lot of hard work. When we look around too much or at how far we have to go, we doubt ourselves or back down from the hard work. Put your headlamp on, move one step at a time and don’t look up till you are at the summit.

WOD Breakdown CrossFit & MIFit

ATHLETE GOAL – The goal will be to keep a sustainable pace on the bike and hopefully avoid fatigue on the push-ups, and quick ascents on the rope. Who can drop the hammer and achieve 5+ rounds?

Moderate duration AMRAP we want our athletes to hit at least 3.5-4.5 rounds of this workout, with the fittest athletes in the 5+ range.

The Push-ups will begin to add up for athletes but the time on the bike should allow athletes enough recovery time to tackle the Push-ups in 2-3 sets throughout. Rope Climb will test the grip as the arms wear down from the Push-ups so have athletes go when they are ready to avoid any failed reps.

For the finisher, we have gymnastic skill work with the overall goal to increase our gymnastics skills. You will probably feel pretty tacked from the workout, so this is just for fun. Our beginner & intermediate athletes will just be working on a Handstand Holds, walking with their hands around the box in a pike position or the Wall Walk. While advanced athletes will look to gain max distance in their handstand walking. Take frequent breaks to not overdo it

20/15 Cal Bike
15 Hand Release Push-up
2 Rope Climb*

*Rope Climb sub = 15 Pull ups


Hand Stand Walk Play Time

*Suggested Drills:
Beginners – Pike Walk or HS Hold
Intermediates – Box Rotation or Wall Walk
Advanced – Max Distance Wal