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#3424 – Monday 8/5

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Monday 8/5/19

ATHLETE GOAL – One of the main goals today is to strategize and
communicate with their teammates! Break up sets smartly…AND…“don’t lose count!” Try to get the workout done within the cap…workout is designed to test athletes against the cap.

We are going to kick off the week with a very long partner effort. The 33 minutes “Hard Cap” for this workout is intended that some teams DON’T finish this workout. We want to see athletes “try” to race to the finisher 500m Sprint and getting as deep in the DBL DB G2OH as possible. On the Rower, athletes must switch every 250m, for the rest of the movements they can split the work in any way.

Longer workout with a partner. High volume of monostructural, gymnastics and bodyweight movements with light loading on the DBs. We want to see an average of 2:00 or less pace per 500m on all Rows. An overall 8-10 minutes of work on the movement portions, although the Double DB Ground to OH could go a little quicker.

Partners should be looking for fast and quick sets on all movements. For the Burpees they should be alternating every 2-5 reps, every 5-10 reps on the TTB and the G2OH. Most teams will be finishing in 30-33 minute range, with your fittest teams finishing sub 24:00.


2000m Row
120 Burpees
1000m Row
100 Toes to Bar
500m Row
80 Double DB Ground to Overhead 35/25#

33:00 Hard Cap

*Athletes must switch every 250m on the rowers and split work between the two in any way. Get as far as you can in the workout!