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#3431 – Monday 8/12

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Monday 8/12/19

WOD Breakdown

ATHLETE GOAL – Put to test all the work they have put in over the last 6 weeks to establish a true 1 Rep Max Back Squat! Let’s establish some new big numbers. The workout is an absolute burner…unbroken on the KB swings and hard pace on the burpees. Aim for sub 8-9:00!

STIMULUS – 1 RM on the back squat, build your way up slowly. Perform 3 sets of 3 reps as an initial warm-up. In between warm-up sets, rest 1-2 minutes. Once you get into the 1 rep max attempts, 2 minutes between sets. This should allow for a true max effort attempt.
The conditioning workout is a moderate volume mix between a moderate/light weight KB and bodyweight movement. These two exercises complement each other very well, in that there is no need to stop. This will get the lungs firing pretty fast and somewhere during the round of 20’s people will want to slow down. This is when they turn it up and finish strong, mind over matter!


Back Squat

Week 7 of Squat Cycle.

Start heavy and build toward new 1RM. Today is the day to go for it!

Workout of the Day

Kettlebell Swing 53/35#

Cash Out/Cool Down
pull ups
Push ups