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#3432 – Tuesday CrossFit & MIFit 8/13

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Tuesday 8/13/19

WOD Breakdown 8/13 for CrossFit & MIFit

ATHLETE GOAL – Continue to learn and progress on the muscle up journey, whether a newbie or a seasoned vet, everyone can improve on this complex gymnastics movement. Smooth and steady pacing on the workout (fittest will have go hard on the bike), and scaling to allow for 1.5-2 rounds.

STIMULUS – Muscle Up skill practice while fresh will help perfect technique. The skill work is important for everyone to practice so that in a workout, the movement becomes second nature.
The workout is higher volume, moderate duration, with a complex gymnastics movement. The goal is to be able to complete the bike in under 4:00, Wall Balls in under 3:00, and Muscle Ups in under 3:00. For Muscle Ups, cap all athletes at 3 minutes and have them proceed to the next round. Most athletes will get deep into the second round, with the fittest getting 2+ rounds



Muscle-Up Skill Development

Beginner – Transition Drills
Intermediate – High Ring Drills
Advanced – Mult. Reps or Strict Work

Workout of the Day

40/30 Cal Bike
50 Wall Ball 20/14#
10 Ring Muscle-Ups