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#3434 – Thursday MIFit & CrossFit WOD

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Thursday 8/15/19

WOD Breakdown CrossFit & MIFit

ATHLETE GOAL – The goal for athletes is :45 of work on all stations, they should pick a weight/scaling option that challenges them but allows them to hold a moderate and repeatable pace from start to finish, matching numbers from round 1 to round 6.

STIMULUS – Longer duration EMOM with fairly simple movements. :45 of work on all stations with :15 to rest and transition. For the heavy KB Lunges, athletes should load up AHAP and hold the bells for the entire :45. If you are feeling spicy, you might have athletes do a mixed rack, farmer hold — holding 1 DB or KB in front and 1 DB or KB at the side. For this mixed rack, athletes would do :20 on one side and :20 on the opposite. Overall, athletes should pick a moderate sustainable pace for each station of this workout. Think of today’s workout as practice or training for other workouts where you can’t seem to find your breath when going from Mono – Gym – Weight.


Workout of the Day

MIN 1 – Row for Cals
MIN 2 – Up-Down Box Jump 24/20
MIN 3 – KB Lunges – Suitcase hold – heavy
MIN 4 – Sit-Ups

*:45 work / :15 rest for all movements

25 Glute Bridge-ups
1:00 Glute Bridge-up Hold
Rest as Needed b/t Sets