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#3452 – Wednesday: “Grace”

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Wednesday 9/4/19

ATHLETE GOAL – The 1RM is here, let’s aim for heavy weights on the bar. Athletes choice on power or squat today for the Clean and Jerk but either we are looking for that really heavy single. Grace today, we shift the focus from loading to speed, light loads that athletes can hit quick sets and really jack that heart rate up.

STIMULUS – Our Strength today is heavy load weightlifting with longer duration. We have a 1 rep max in the clean and jerk, another
chance for athletes to test one of the olympic lifts. Today we want to focus on quality movement from the empty barbell to their heaviest lift. Consistency is key from start to finish. Really emphasize the importance of the touches athletes will get with the bar before getting weight on the bar.
Classic benchmark today in the workout. Short duration  weightlifting with light-moderate load and very high in intensity.
Athletes should be aiming for 6-7 minutes in this workout today. Different options to get after this one. Athletes can aim
for a big unbroken set and then chip away at the remaining lifts, quick sets of 3-5 reps with little rest between dropping the
bar down, or quick singles with little to no rest when dropping the bar. The fast athletes will finish sub 4-5:00. Overall 10:00 cap for everyone.


Build to 1RM Clean & Jerk

*Power or Squat, Athlete Choice


30 Clean & Jerks 135/95

Cool Down/ Cash Out

1 Hill Run
Top of stairs for extra credit