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#3456 – Monday 9/9, CrossFit & MIFit

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Monday 9/9/19

CrossFit & MIFit Workouts

MIFIt – use DB’s for Push Press

ATHLETE GOAL – We are looking to hit the 3RM on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th set. Aim for max effort each set in the workout, cycling big sets on the Push Press.

STIMULUS – Strength – It’s a Max Out day to retest the 3RM Push Press! The goal today is to see you hit a true 3RM with no long pauses in the front rack position between lifts…receive the bar and go!
Workout – Athletes should aim for at least 20 Calories on the rower during the 2:00. Some will get upwards of 40 while most will be in the low 30s. Holding 1:00 of a static position will be challenging after the hard row but look for max effort in the plank. The load on the bar should be at a weight that the athlete can complete a solid 7-10 reps every time they pick up the bar, aiming for 20 reps. The fittest athletes will be completing 30+ push presses.

Push Press*

*Build to 3RM Push Press

Workout of the Day

2:00 Max Cal Row
1:00 Max Plank Hold
1:00 Max Push Pres** 95/65#

1:00 Rest b/t Sets
** MI Fit use Dumbbells for Push press