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#3458 – Wednesday 9/11

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Wednesday 9/11/19

ATHLETE GOAL – We are looking to push it on each set of Thrusters, and keep a steady pace on the Pull-Ups and Run. The time cap should allow for everyone to finish today, so we want to scale accordingly with that goal in mind!

STIMULUS – Our workout today is going to be a mental challenge to keep pushing as much as a physical one. We have a time cap of 25:00 to allow for the majority of athletes to finish this workout (with proper scaling), while the fittest athletes can finish around 15:00.
High volume of pull-ups, working on fast sets. If we are scaling the pull-up movement, we want to keep intensity high here,
so we will scale to a movement that will keep us moving for around 10 reps each time we get on the bar. Loading on Thrusters is light enough that athletes should be moving on after 2-3 sets, with the fittest athletes possibly even going unbroken!


50 Pull-ups
400m Run
21 Thruster 95/65#
800m Run
21 Thruster 95/65#
400m Run
50 Pull-ups

25:00 time cap

Team 400m Walk Focus on Calm Nasal Breathing