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#3460 – Friday 9/13

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Friday 9/13/19

ATHLETE GOAL – Technique, technique, technique – 1 Smooth movement in each position during the Strength session, don’t rush through each set just to get it over with. Choose a weight for the workout that is challenging (but doable) and aim for 1-2 sets to complete the toes to bar.

STIMULUS – Technique work while under load for the strength session. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of position work today. The goal is great form while building in weight to something challenging, for the day. Once form is compromised,
athletes should strip some weight off and work through the complex with great technique.
Workout weight is moderate, think “DT” type of weight. Athletes should be able to cycle through this relatively quickly, ideally in :20-:30. Any longer than :30 then they went too heavy. Athletes should be able to finish each set of 12 Toes to Bar in 1-2 sets, working no longer than :30-:40. Abiding by these guidelines leaves everyone with roughly :30 in the static Front Rack Hold. This will be challenging in the later rounds, similar to our static Front Rack KB Holds we have programmed in the past

On a 15:00 Running Clock

Build to a Heavy Set of Barbell Complex

3 Hang Power Clean
2 Front Squat
1 Hang Squat Clean

Build up over the 15:00 adding weight as long as you can keep GOOD Form!

Workout of the Day
6 SETS (1:30 ON / :30 OFF)

3 Hang Power Clean 155/105#
2 Front Squat
1 Hang Squat Clean
12 Toe to Bar
Max Barbell Front Rack Hold

*In this workout you have 1:30 to get the work done then take a  mandatory :30 rest before the next 1:30 work period