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#3463 – Tuesday CrossFit & MI Fit

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Tuesday 9/17/19

ATHLETE GOAL – During the Skill Session, athletes should use this time to practice their C2B Pull-up and Muscle-up skills that will transfer to the workout.
For those who are close this is a great time to try for a “first”. For the workout,athletes should pick appropriate scaling options and aim for sub 7:00 on part 1 and see how far they can get in part 2.

STIMULUS – Skill session today will build in complexity in regards for our Muscle-up. We want to keep the volume under control during this part. The goal is to improve everyone’s technique and efficiency no matter what stage they’re at. This section is meant
to prime and prep athletes for the C2B and Muscle-ups in the workout.
Moderate duration workout, involving complex gymnastic movements. For the Russian and American KBS we want to see
athletes try the heavier bells today. Let’s make that a priority, even if the reps on the swings needs to be reduced. Athletes
should be able to do at least 5-7 reps before putting the KB down. For the first part, we want to encourage sub 7:00 and see how far you can get in Part 2. Most athletes will be in the 14:00-16:00+ range with the fastest finishing sub 14:00.


C2B & Bar Muscle-Up Development

Workout of the Day

Russian Kettlebell Swing 70/53#
C2B Pull-up

American Kettlebell Swing 70/53#
Bar Muscle-Up

16:00 Hard Cap