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#3470 – CrossFit & MI Fit WODs – Baseline Test

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Wednesday 9/25/19

Baseline Test Today

This one is a little different, we have not done a workout like this in a long time but don’t let it fool you, it will be tough! Think if it as a long and high-intensity WOD.  Part I is 12:00 to work as hard as you can, followed by 12 more minutes to work as hard as you can.
So total work is 24 minutes, which is very long in terms of CrossFit, but also 12 mins at a high intensity is going to be very mentally and physically challenging!

ATHLETE GOAL – Establish your baselines!
Testing our monostructural capacity and bodyweight capacity. Today’s focus = just keep moving. Athlete should write down their scores and remember these markers.

STIMULUS – Part 1 is our monostructural test. A classic distance measure followed up by some rowing to keep athletes in that aerobic state for full 12:00. On the run sub 7:00 could be goal for fittest. Distance-wise on the rower 1400m is a great bench
mark for the fittest. For all athletes, just staying moving and getting some meters is a big win!
Part 2 is our bodyweight test. With this somewhat high rep scheme, the workout less about rapid volume and more about intentional & strict reps. In this rep scheme, 1 round every 1:20-1:30 should be the goal for fittest.
For all athletes we want to see scaling get athletes close to 1 round every 2:00

Part I
On a 12:00 Running Clock,

Run 1 Mile then in Remaining Time Max Meters on Rower

– Rest at leat 5:00 –

Part II
6 Strict Pull-ups
12 Hand Release Push-ups
18 Sit-ups