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#3475 – Fall Schedule Info

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Monday 9/30/19

MIFit Classes and Programming

MI CrossFit Team. Thanks for being part of our MIFit workouts over the past few months. As you know, these were CrossFit workouts but without barbells.
The goal was helping people intimidated by CrossFit to walk through the door and see they can do it!
However, we didnt see the results I was hoping for and so we want to offer the best programming for the most people and so we are going to go back to regular CrossFit WODs at the 6am Tues/Thursday and stop the 7pm MIFit classes.

Thanks for your patience trying this out and we might re-visit some of these class times or styles in the future for those who did like the change in movements and class times.

Open Gym Time Change

We are shortening the hours that we are open for Open Gym.
Starting today, Monday, Open Gym hours will be  Monday – Friday 11:30 – 1pm.

Monday WOD Breakdown

ATHLETE GOAL – Skill session is meant to be exposure not ‘max effort’ tests. Practice these skills and focus on high-quality reps. In the workout, no more than 1:00 on any station and choose a DL weight that is heavier than you’d normally pick!

STIMULUS – Skill session is all about practice today. Athletes can and should play with some different heights on the Box Jump. In the
Wall Walk, getting more exposure to holding your body weight and controlling it UP and DOWN the wall is the priority. This will help in both HSPU and HS Walking skills.

In the workout, we are looking for matched or BETTER paces each round through. The 2:00 off after the DL should give athletes plenty of time to recover. For the DL, we want to see heavy Touch & GO reps. Everytime the athlete touches the bar they should do at least 2-3+ reps. We are not looking for fast singles from the start.
Most athletes will have about 1:00. We are looking for at least 7+ reps for all athletes.

MIN 1 – 3-5 Tall Box Jumps*
MIN 2 – 2-3 Wall Walks

Workout of the Day
3 SETS (4:00 ON / 2:00 OFF)

200m Run
20 Box Jump Over (24/20″)
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
Max Deadlifts 275/185#