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#3477 – Wednesday 10/2

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Wednesday 10/2/19

MIFit Classes and Programming

MI CrossFit Team. Thanks for being part of our MIFit workouts over the past few months. As you know, these were CrossFit workouts but without barbells.
The goal was helping people intimidated by CrossFit to walk through the door and see they can do it!
However, we didnt see the results I was hoping for and so we want to offer the best programming for the most people and so we are going to go back to regular CrossFit WODs at the 6am Tues/Thursday and stop the 7pm MIFit classes.

Thanks for your patience trying this out and we might re-visit some of these class times or styles in the future for those who did like the change in movements and class times.

Open Gym Time Change

We are shortening the hours that we are open for Open Gym.
Starting Monday, Open Gym hours will be  Monday – Friday 11:30 – 1pm.



MIN 1 — 20/15 Cal Row
MIN 2 — 15 Burpees

*Scale as needed to finish each minute in 45-50 seconds or less


3 Bent Arm, Bent Hip, Bent Leg Press – NEGATIVES

(Start in a handstand against the wall
Descend to HEADstand then controlled tuck to floor)
Watch HERE

1:00 Hollow Rocks

-Rest as needed b/t Sets