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#3479 – Friday Open Retest WOD

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Friday 10/4/19

ATHLETE GOAL – Prep the mind/body for the upcoming Open by doing a historic Open Workout without all the stress about the “first week”. Build to a moderate-heavy set of 3 Thrusters while maintaining good movement mechanics. For the workout, check the ego and if you have to scale down the weight…go lighter and go faster!

STIMULUS – The Extended Warm-up is focused on weightlifting as the athletes build to a moderate-heavy set of 3 Thrusters. Everyone
should be lifting a weight that they are able to control for 3 unbroken reps. We are not looking for a new 3RM here just for
quality movement at a challenging weight. This is meant to overload the workout and make the barbell in the workout feel very light. Take at least 1:00-2:00 of rest before performing the next set to give the body time to recover.
For the workout we moderate duration high volume workout. Fittest in this workout are going unbroke and FLYING through
this short couplet…finish sub 10. The majority of athletes should be looking to finish in the 14-16 minute range. Athletes
that were 16:00 or less in the Open should repeat the workout and see if they can best their score. For scaling purposes,
we want everyone to finish BELOW 16:00. This is an opportunity to get a great training stimulus. Go lighter and go faster.

On a 10:00 Running Clock

Build to a Moderate Set of 3 Thruster

“OPEN 17.5”

9 Thrusters 95/65#
35 Double-Unders

16:00 time cap