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#3481 – Monday 10/7

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Monday 10/7/19

ATHLETE GOAL – We are looking to get more comfortable with those longer rep schemes in our Strength with the 10RM.

In the workout, hold onto the first set of Front Squats unbroken...this should dictate your starting weight, and then go up in weight as the reps decrease. If you are proficient with GHD Sit-Ups, you might accept the challenge of subbing these for Ab-Mat Sit-Ups!

STIMULUS – We are working on building volume in the Front Squat today! We’ve got the opportunity for two attempts at the 10RM Front Squat. This weight will likely stay moderate-heavy because of the increased volume and demand on the core and upper back.

For the workout we are looking at a 16:00 time cap which will end up being a race to the finish for some athletes. Goal for each “round” of this workout is sub 5:00. We want to see the weight increase on the bar while the reps decrease. The first set should be manageable unbroken, second set should be tough but close to unbroken, and the two final sets should be no more than 2 sets (maybe 3 sets but quick back to the bar!). Plate OH lunges (moderate-light) and sit-ups should be looking to go unbroken and move quickly!
Overall the fittest could be around 11:00-12:00 and a goal for everyone to finish in the 13:00-16:00 range.


Establish 10RM Front Squat*

*Max 2 attempts at 10RM

Workout of the Day

20 Front Squat 135/95#
40 Sit-ups
40 Plate OH Step-Back Lunges 25/15#
15 Front Squat 155/105
30 Sit-ups
30 Plate OH Step-Back Lunges
15 Front Squat 165/125#
20 Sit-ups
20 Plate OH Step-Back Lunges
10 Front Squat 185/125

**For the Plate OH Lunges, Plate must be held OH at extension

-16:00 Time Cap