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#3482 – Tuesday 10/8

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Tuesday 10/8/19

STIMULUS – We’ve got a longer workout today to flush out our legs after yesterday’s Front Squats! We are looking for the first row to be
sub 2:00, so if you have a hard time rowing 400m in that timeframe, we can scale back the initial row to 300m.

Strict Pull-Ups should be done in 1-2 sets for our fittest athletes, but no more than 2-3 sets! We can scale accordingly here to ensure that we are maintaining that Strict pulling movement.

For athletes that didn’t hit yesterday’s Front Squats, there is an opportunity here to push it in this workout on the row each
round.  Top athletes can shoot for 5-6 rounds. For athlete’s that are feeling the squats, the row can be done at a slightly slower pace,
but we still want to keep it consistent- keep the body moving throughout this AMRAP, shooting for 4-5 rounds.

Workout of the Day
400m Row
10 Burpee box Jump Overs
10 Strict Pull-ups
20 Push Press 95/65#

3:00 Lat Rolling
3:00 Banded Distraction
3:00 Pec Smash with Ball or Bell

*Each exercise is 1:30 on one side and 1:30 on opposite.