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#3493 – Monday 10/21

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Monday 10/21/19

Another week that will look very similar to the last two weeks. A 10 RM Monday with lots of barbell. A long burner WOD on Tuesday, and then Recovery Thursday before Open 20.3 on Friday.

**Overhead squats are extremely challenging for most of us, so take to day to practice GOOD form, a 10 RM of Quality reps is the goal!!!**

ATHLETE GOAL – Our goal today is to hold onto the bar or HSPU for one or two sets for each movement. The weight on the bar should be light enough to hold onto the bar for 15+ reps if we were fresh, and the run should be quick. The time cap is definitely doable if the weight and HSPU are scaled appropriately today.

STIMULUS – Starting off the week with a shoulder burner! Our Strength today focuses on developing capacity in that Overhead position, which gives us a great opportunity to work on those active shoulders!

This workout is all about strong Overhead positions, and if you have a weakness here, it will be exposed. This is the perfect time to work on maintaining Active Shoulders in the Overhead Squat, and practicing the skills with the HSPU.
Loading for this workout should allow athletes to move through each movement in 1-2 sets, and should be light enough to
move quickly. For athletes that have HSPU but are not proficient, we can scale the reps to ensure they are not spending more than 1:00 here. Our fittest athletes will finish this workout sub 9:00, and while the Time Cap here is 12:00, we want everyone finishing in the 10:00-12:00 range with appropriate scaling.


Establish 10RM Overhead Squat


*Max 2 attempts at 10RM

Workout of the Day

200m Run
15 Hang Power Snatch 95/65
15 Overhead Squat
400m Run
15 Overhead Squat
15 Hang Power Snatch
200m Run

-12:00 Hard Cap


2:00 Foam Rolling L-Side Lat
2:00 Foam Rolling R-Side Lat
2:00 Foam Rolling T-Spine